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I Am your Techmonika.com today i want you to acknowledge on TOP 3 FASHION TRENDS which are Prevalent in Society .Hey!! tour Dream site is here.

FASHION is a term which consist clothing ,footwear ,accessories ,jewellery ,cosmetics. these came also from different cultures and traditions of Indian society or worldwide . these are known as aesthetics of that particular culture. i still remember my first Dream Trendsetter of my life my gorgeous and innovative who suppose to be clothed me in trendy clothes which makes me look trendy Kinda fashion girl in our language trend setter of society . people suppose to call me sparkling and fashion girl.

From inspired by my Trendsetter I thought why i couldn’t be a Trendsetter of mine or my friends and most important of our society. for this purpose i create my own website through which i can share my ideas and thoughts to become you also a trendsetter of society.

fashion is a general term which applies to any way of writing , performing, dressing that is favored by one time or place . fashion always support to be change it is a bygone thing or thought . it depends upon our surrounding , our culture, our place, our neighbors mindset and vital part our society taste. one tremendous factor of fashion or style is a particular time or place without particular time it is not a fashion that is not socially acceptable or innovative. After that we will discuss TOP 3 FASHION TRENDS.


Sustainable Fashion is indeed a vital part of ETHICAL FASHION. Sustainable Fashion can be defined minimizing the impact of fashion industry on the environment by using eco friendly means it also focuses on the needs of future generations. sustainable fashion can be attained through the means of ethical fashion such as Workers Rights, Eco Friendly, Protection of Animals, By Helping to Artisans.

For the FASHION industry it is very important that every brand should follow the norms of sustainable fashion and every industry in present time indeed following the norms but itis the duty of consumers to buy a product from that brand that follow eco friendly measures and uphold animal protective measures. Sustainable fashion broaden its objectives by considering environment friendly measures and social factors which helps to make the environment safe. a fashion can only be a trend when it is sustainable fashion. Top 3 FASHION TRENDS are also sustainable fashion trend.


We all agree that ETHICS help us to guide towards being better people but the actual mean to ETHICAL is to aware about us as environmental consciousness continues to rise the brand championing eco friendly so that they can’t harm people and planet, therefore ETHICAL FASHION is a part of SUSTAINABLE FASHION. ETHICAL FASHION is first foremost in TOP 3 FASHION TRENDS.

The ETHICAL FASHION is a core part of fashion every has its own limitations that ensure that the central idea of fashion does not affect people, animals and planet and most important core values of society and traditions . ETHICAL matters for the Sustainable growth of Human being . Ideas and impact of ETHICAL FASHION can be interpreted different in different part of society it varies from place to place and area of living. list of reasons SUSTAINABLE FASHION Matters are following;


  • WORKERS RIGHTS – ETHICAL FASHION provides their workers a life of respect , dignity, fair wages ,safe working conditions, protection from abuse and exploitation and provides a healthy life.
  • ECO FRIENDLY- FASHION industry is the most polluting industry contributing to water pollution, chemical pollution and deforestation. ETHICAL FASHION follows all the measures of Environment which can be helpful for us and for our posterity.
  • PROTECTION OF ANIMALS – Traditional fashion mainly depends on products manufactured from animals such as fur , leather, wool which obtained from harming to animals. ETHICAL FASHION banned on animal products and introduced a new term in society called veganism.
  • HELPING HAND TO ARTISIANS – ETHICAL FASHION provide a employment base to artisans. slowly slowly technology replacing the work of artisans and we are ignoring the artisans. ETHICAL FASHION restores the traditional culture and providing them a base for their development.
  • BETTER FUTURE WITH ETHICAL FASHION- indeed ETHICAL FASHION will capture the world in future and make it a better one. the advantages which its used to get with itself are favorable and helpful to everyone. the above written advantages and benefits which includes worker rights basic necessity of workers to sustain in a era of industrialization ,eco friendly nature which is very important for human subsistence also constitute in its benefits which is also a need of a hour , protection of animals is very important for food chains but we were killing them for our greedy need and for making our so called product more expensive which can be prevented by following ethical fashion norms and so on . it is a need of hour for a fashion world it is a boon for human survival . we should openly promote it and follow it for everyone’s good’s. TOP 3 FASHION TRENDS include ETHICAL FASHION norms which can be a heaven for a Brand.


The second fashion from TOP 3 FASHION TRENDS is Comfort. COMFORT FASHION is a basic unit of fashion the term comfort refers a form of style which your body recommends or enjoy after wearing it in which you get a sense of determination, courage or confidence to face the world. every person choose a fashion trend according to his own comfort level .

comfort is versatile in nature a baggy jeans can be a comfort for one not for other however comfort very from person to person or society to society or area to area. a kimono can be a comfort for Nepal’s native people and ghagra choli for native people of Rajasthan its is a perfect example of versatility in comfort. comfort level of one society may not be a comfort or tradition for another society which provides hurdle to traditional values of that society.

A comfort should not breach the values and sentients of any person, geographical area and a particular form of society. the term comfort also includes comfort for me and comfort for you. a versatile can be termed as heterogeneous fashion which includes different forms of fashion helps to represent the people of that area , tradition, culture etc. homogeneous fashion is a poison to fashion world which creates a dominance of only one fashion and rigid the boundaries of fashion world. comfort and versatility both form a word fashion together if anything is missing it cannot be called as fashion and fashion is ultimately extinct. they both are important pedals of fashion cycle. TOP 3 FASHION TRENDS include comfort as their main goal.

 What will you choose Fashion vs Comfort


Last but not the least Fashion FROM TOP 3 FASHION TRENDS is Gender fluid fashion is an important nerve of fashion. the term gender fluid fashion refers to a neutral fashion which blurs or erase the gap between the masculine and feminine traditional values of the society.

It will create a space and provide a platform for those who openly promotes gender fluid fashion and seprate themselves from those orthodox thinking and provide a new vision of gender fluid fashion in society. Bollywood celebs like RANVEER SINGH is the perfect example of gender fluid fashion who enhance and promotes a different form of fashion in which society generally hesitates. he is seraph for those who want to follow the lines of gender fluid fashion it is also called as heterogeneous fashion which can be followed by both masculine and feminine. TOP 3 FASHION TRENDS has put Gender Fluid Fashion at First.

You should also come forward to promote this type of fashion to create a change in fashion world. Techmonika.com is a platform where you will get a perfect example of gender fluid fashion. our platform enthusiastically promotes gender fluid fashion for making it a number 1 fashion in a dendy world. the craze for gender fluid fashion can be seen in youth in present world. Techmonika.com is a boon for those.