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this is dream trend setter, our platform will help you to develop your fashion as like your dreams. in today’s technology world fashion has become a form of expression form a person it directly reflects  the nature or  personality of a person in short it form whole aura of a person.fashion is not a modern thing it is a contemporary culture some brands are of 90’s they represent the old culture and they reigns.the intersection of technology and fashion not only reshape what we wear but also our experience and interactions with clothing.the time of period can easily be identified by the way of his clothing what he was wearing  this sums up how powerful and  all- encompassing the fashion is.

In 21’st century- one thing remain constant the unyielding influence of fashion.fashion is not about keeping up with trends, it is about embracing yourself with changes and fashion diversities and glorifying yourself . a fashion represents a society’s expressions and values and form a culture.the fashion indeed rule the world. fashion followers always keep their eyes on designers move now what came new and what history will it create.fashion indeed  remain a powerful force. it is not confined to one physical runways it is versatile it moves all over the world .fashion is not at one stage it follows worldwide.


fashion is not a one word term it, itself describes different meanings and types of fashion. for example-footwear, accessories,clothig, cosmetics,jewllery .fashion itself is a whole industry and style.fashion describes in a different ways its application may be sometimes unclear. fashion is a medium to overcome the distance between the individual and society.

in a world that is consist of different religions fashion indeed is a panacea or a way to overcome all the differences.hence fashion is a integral part of the world.In my childhood my mom dressed me from my hair clips to shoes.she tolds me that she also used to wear clothes of trendy season.this keep going on from ages it never shade itself it become glorious from time to time in next generations.fashion used to repeat itself also. fashion of one century can also become a trend setter for another century fashion repeats itself it used to revolves around .fashion in this century is a valuable term and important part of our ife just like technology.

fashion can also change from period to period just like today’s technology which is developing and transforming from time to time.fashion used to transform and develop itself with the help of fashion designers.fashion designers give birth to the new fashion which transform itself into  a trend  and dream trend setter helps you  to be a part of that trending process. dream trend setter is a best platform for you, to be  a next trend setter in your society and it also helps you to aspire your dreams.

fashion is now within the reach of common man, especially the youth.fashion is associated with glamour, personality , background and style.all this make feel people confident and bold it directly reflects people’s attitude and personality. people can express themselves confidently and openly. today fashion is not limited to one country, each and every country has its own fashion sense, that clothing reflects the accent of that country that is it’s living standard and style.

fashion is an evolution of ideas, in a course of time it become a style or trend in a society which could be an attire or idea. this platform provides you all information and sources to fulfill all your dreams and solve all your queries and light your tension and helps you to become a trendy kinda. you should try it for once .this is a heaven for early birds.